How Are You Staying In Touch?

As we continue to move more towards virtual meetings, having a reliable video conferencing solution that is easy to use is imperative. 

Whether it be with staff or clients, a high-quality video conferencing system will drastically improve your virtual meeting experience. Being able to simply sit down and join a meeting with a single click is a reality. No more fumbling around with cables, audio that doesn’t connect or poor video connection. 

Historically commercial video conferencing solutions were extremely cost prohibitive, however, today you have access to simple video conferencing solutions at a fraction of the cost. Introducing Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions!

Relatively easy to configure and with wireless options available, they offer a wide range of conferencing bundles so your audience will never miss a word you say. The solution also scales for the size of the room that you intent to use. All the way from a 2-person meeting room all the way to 20+ attendees. 

The Yealink MVC 400 is made for small huddles of 2-6 people and packs a punch:

To the Yealink MVC 840 designed for larger boardrooms of 10-20 which is great for large groups that need to meet:

These systems will ensure you keep your meeting space looking clean and professional with minimum cabling required.  The below illustration shows a conventional conferencing system vs the new Yealink packages.

Do they work with Microsoft Teams and Zoom? Yes! They absolutely work with the two industry giants of video conferencing. A popular feature included is voice tracking, enabling the cameras to pan to whoever is speaking at the time so everyone feels included. The bigger Yealink systems also have the ability to transcribe the conversation with voice matching, differentiating John from Jeff.

Regardless of COVID restrictions preventing travel, having a great Video Conferencing system in place means you can reduce your travel costs as you can still have your face-to-face meetings without having to be in the physical location of the other parties. It can also increase the attendance ratings as those who wouldn’t be able to get to the meeting place can join in with a single click.

Sound exciting? Give us a call: 1800 664 248. Our team would be more than happy to assist you in evolving your video conferencing experience and introduce you to the vast possibilities this equipment has to offer. If you don’t currently have a Teams Phone System setup, ask us about it today.