The future of business is in the Cloud, so don’t be held back by your legacy apps keeping you tied to a server. There’s a solution for that.

Let us introduce Azure Virtual Desktop.

With remote work becoming increasingly more popular due to many businesses having to work from home, there is a high demand for Cloud-based desktops, and for good reason. To sum it up, Azure Virtual Desktop (previously known as Windows Virtual Desktop) is a Windows 10 machine in the Cloud that users can connect to at the same time from anywhere, with any device. The idea behind this is to remove the need to use your local desktop completely, by doing all your work on the Virtual Desktop, the work goes where you go. Similar to a Roaming Profile or using a conventional Terminal Server setup.

How can it benefit your business? Whether from phone, laptop, or tablet, with an Azure Virtual Desktop your business will be able to access your systems from anywhere. The good news is that apps that previously needed to be run on a server (Genie, Handisoft, Framework, Medical Director etc) can be installed and run on an Azure Virtual Desktop meaning that everything will be accessible to your staff from home or when travelling. It also means that in the event of a snap-lockdown or unexpected business crisis in which staff need to work from home, they will be able to pick up from where they left off without missing a beat.

Once deployed (on average this can take as little as 10 hours), it’s easy to set up a new user – taking the same amount of time as it would for a user account on a new laptop. And it’s scalable! Should you need to increase or decrease your user count, this is easily done by adding or removing virtual machines in the Azure Portal (please contact your IT team for this). Should you have too many users trying to access one Virtual Desktop, Azure can take the initiative to spin up a new desktop for them with the basic setup for your company.

How do I back up my work? I hear you ask. Well as part of this solution deployment, the Azure backup addition would be automatically included and turned on. It is not part of the Azure Virtual Desktop itself but more of an add-on to the system. ONGC regularly include this disaster recovery solution in any scope for this type of project to provide extra peace of mind.

Is it secure? In short, yes. However, it does come down to the policies your company sets. Just like any server or IT network, you can set the same level if not higher security in the Cloud. Whether it be MFA, password expiry policies or only allowing devices from an approved list, ONGC can review your current policies and tailor them to ensure your business is as secure as possible while being as accessible to your staff as possible.

With no need for a server to use this service, you can get rid of your old out-dated tech. No need to maintain and spend money fixing antique technology. Never again will you face the potential crisis of having too many staff try and access your weary old server remotely and have the whole system come crashing down. It will not only save you money on hardware maintenance but also, power.

Should you be keen to find out more about a Cloud migration or Azure Virtual Desktops to take your business to the next level, please get in contact with us at ONGC on 1800 664 248. We will be delighted to arrange a discussion to look at how a solution like this can potentially improve your business tenfold. Call us today!