Have you ever wanted to build flow charts to improve your business but haven’t wanted to invest in the extra cost? Well now Microsoft Visio is FREE for Microsoft 365 commercial users.

What does Visio do?

Visio enables you to design and create a variety of diagrams such as Venn, Pyramid, Matrices and Flowcharts to name a few. Available for use on the web or in Microsoft Teams, Visio is there to enhance your experience when creating for your business.

from Microsoft

To make things even more exciting, Visio is also a collaboration tool in which you and your team can be working on the same diagram concurrently.

How do you access it?

Either through the Office 365 App Launcher in your Microsoft Portal (portal.office.com):

from Microsoft

Or via Teams:

from Microsoft

Aside from the variety of diagrams, Visio also has other features to assist you in getting the most out of this free asset, including auto-save, hyperlinking capabilities to shapes used in your diagrams, options to save your work in .jpeg or .png format, pre-made templates which you can use and abuse, the list goes on.

For a better look into the app, check out the video from Microsoft below and their article here:

Should you wish to find out how Visio can improve and benefit your business, whether your eligible, or for any other queries you might have regarding this application and its features, give us a call! Our team will be happy to answer any of your questions and help you better your business, whether by using Visio or not. You can reach us on 1800 664 248.