As a Not-for-Profit organisation, there are a number of benefits Microsoft are offering to help you get the most out of your budget. Among donations of Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Dynamics 365 and $3,500 in Azure credits, Microsoft have recently announced that they will be adding Microsoft AccountGuard to this list – free of charge.

What is Microsoft AccountGuard?

Microsoft AccountGuard is a monitoring software that scans for active nation-state CyberAttacks and will notify you and your business if it finds any email (business or personal) compromised.

The intention of AccountGuard is to protect the bigger targets of CyberCrime such as politicians and their staff, healthcare workers and journalists etc. It is available for Not-for-Profits as part of the Tech for Social Impact and offers several additional services such as a knowledge base, webinars, and a direct line to Microsoft’s security department – “Democracy Forward & Philanthropies”.

AccountGuard is currently only available in a limited number of countries – you can see the list here. It is part of the ‘Defending the Democracy’ project (started in 2018) and was a result of the Top Ten Tech Issues For 2018 report Microsoft did.

With the attack on UnitingCare (a healthcare NFP) earlier this year still fresh on our minds, we urge any Not-for-Profit organisation to take advantage of this free service as it is crucial to be doing everything you can to protect against CyberCrime. Being an SMB does not rule you out as a valid target – if anything, it increases the risk-factor of being attacked as generally, SMBs don’t have as much security coverage as bigger companies.

You can read more about Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact program here and what Account Guard can offer to NFPs here.

Should you wish to find out more about AccountGuard, it’s benefits and what it can do for your NFP business, please reach out to our NFP team who will be more than happy to discuss the benefits with you and assist in maximising your tech budget. Please call us on 1800 664 248.