Ransomware Alert

Another financial company to be hit by an online scammer. Platinum has posted about the hoax email on their website https://www.platinum.com.au.

The hoax email has a subject line similar to ‘Invoice INV-xxx from Platinum Capital Limited or Platinum Asset Management’. The email also contains an attachment. DO NOT open the attachment as it is highly likely to contain some sort of ransomware.

We have a created a simple email safety checklist so can keep near your computer for easy access, This Checklist will help you to minimise the risks to you and your business by helping you to identify when an email is a hoax or not.

Please be very cautious with all emails that you do not recognise the sender. If you do have any further questions regarding computer security please contact ONGC Systems by filling out the form below, and one of our security specialists will be in contact.