Damien (Damo) Rossiter

Some of you may or may not have heard the news around Damien (Damo) Rossiter.
On Friday the 13th (I know of all dates) Damo was out on his morning ride when he had an accident. After initially feeling sore and sorry for the damage to his bike, he was taken to the new Gold Coast hospital to make sure nothing was too serious. After x-rays and MRI’s it was discovered that Damo had a fracture of the C2 vertebrae (a Broken Neck). After meeting with specialists it was determined that he didn’t need an operation for the fracture, which is good due to the closeness of the surgery to the spinal cord. Instead, Damo will need the assistance of a Halo Brace for the next 3 months.

While uncomfortable, Damo knows how lucky he is to still be here and have the ability to walk. He was discharged from hospital last Friday, the 20th, and rather than heading straight home like most of us would, Damo dropped by the ONGC Systems office to show his appreciation for all of the well wishes, and thank Steve and the team for putting in the extra effort in ensuring that it is business as usual.

During the next 3 months Steve Dawson will be taking on a lot of Damo’s day to day work, however for those of you who know Damo, while he will try to recover as swiftly as possible he will still be involved.

Thank you to all who have passed on their well wishes to Damo and his family, it has been greatly appreciated. We will do our best to keep all who are interested, up-to-date with any relevant information and progress