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If you haven’t already taken the leap to the cloud, it’s time you opt for cloud migration services to enjoy greater accessibility, better cost-efficiency, and easy scalability; along with the many other benefits of cloud that ultimately translate into greater success for your business.

As experienced cloud computing providers, cloud services offer the ability to store and access business data over the internet – often referred to as, ‘the cloud’. Pick and choose which cloud solutions are applicable to your business, and in doing so, save money.

By using ONGC Systems cloud storage services, you won’t have to invest in unnecessarily large infrastructure or pay for services that are redundant to your organisation. We can offer our extensive knowledge and experience to help you navigate the vast range of cloud solutions available. Enhance your business performance with the help from cloud services in Brisbane and Gold Coast today!

Our Cloud Computing Solutions

With various cloud services to choose from, ONGC Systems provides full support to uncover the solution best suited to your business. Some of the most popular choices include:

Office 365

Office 365

Allowing you to work anywhere at any time, via a web browser on any device. As well as saving money on computers, Office 365 will enable you to scale up and down with ease should your business change. Addressing security, productivity, scalability and collaboration requirements is a simple process with a solution such as Office 365.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

With the potential to move a host of systems to the cloud, such as domain controller servers, SQL servers and even your communication systems, this option erases the need for significant infrastructure investment and provides a cost-effective solution.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Full cloud migration may not suit all businesses, and that’s where a hybrid solution comes in. Utilising the best of both worlds and shifting relevant workloads to the cloud means that you can gain additional flexibility, security and scalability. You will still be maintaining required workloads in a compatible configuration.

Should I Move To The Cloud?

The Cloud is inevitable and should be on every business’ roadmap. In time, we firmly believe that most workloads will shift to the cloud. However, we are still in a period where a full cloud scenario doesn’t suit all businesses. It is important to fully evaluate your options and ensure that any technology changes or shifts towards the cloud provide a benefit to the business. Our team audit and review your systems and processes to determine whether cloud services is the best move for your business. If the cloud is right for you, you can rest assured that you’re in the right hands. Our team have already migrated hundreds of businesses just like yours to the cloud.

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Cloud Computing Specialists in Brisbane & Gold Coast

If you are looking for cloud services in Brisbane or Gold Coast, ONGC Systems has got you covered. We offer various cloud services to ensure that you find the optimal cloud business solution for your business. Some of the most popular cloud computing solutions offered by ONGC Systems include Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Teams, PowerApps and Hybrid Cloud Solutions.
You can choose any of these or engage ONGC Systems Support to discover the ideal cloud computing services for your business. You can engage us to help you decide when and how to make the shift. The best part is that you don’t have to invest in large infrastructure or pay for additional resources. You pay only for the services that you use.
Whether you are looking for cloud services in Gold Coast or Brisbane, it is advisable to consult only the top cloud service providers in the area ― ONGC Systems. Remember, shifting to the cloud is inevitable, so make the shift today to ensure a successful tomorrow!

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