How much time and money have you been losing on keeping your staff’s email signatures up to date? How frustrating has it been to have to manually add them to each staff account every time there’s a change to the design? With an email signature manager, you can guarantee your time back as well as saving you money.  As these management platforms add the signatures when the email is being sent, you can be rest assured it will never be forgotten.

There are many benefits to managing your email signature in the cloud with a third party tool, for example, Exclaimer. Here are some key quick wins that can be achieved when working with an email signature management solution.

Are you making the most of your email signature potential? The recipient is always going to see it, so taking advantage of this and using it to advertise your company, a charity, product promotions etc will increase the traffic to those links. You are also able to make the signatures unique to each department depending on what audience they communication with (vendors, clients etc).

Capture Data
Software such as Exclaimer can pull data to show you if anyone has clicked on links in your signature and which ones they were. It can help to determine where the trends are and help you to gain a deeper understanding of the audience you have and build on that to grow your business.

Having a consistent email signature across your whole organisation adds a degree of professionalism to your communications both internally and externally. It also ensures that everyone is using the same company branding. Email signature management tools also ensure that the same consistent signature automatically appears on all emails, regardless of which device that you email from. 

Have you ever wished you had the same professional email signature on emails when sending from your mobile phone? This is easily achieved with email signature managers like Exclaimer.

Time Saving
Using a platform like this will also save you money by enabling you to update all staff email signatures with the click of a few buttons. Being able to control the signature and update it from the cloud platform will ensure that you don’t have to spend excessive time going from user to user and manually updating email signatures.

These are just a few benefits to using a cloud signature platform. If you wish to find out more about Exclaimer or want to investigate how you can align your email signatures better, don’t hesitate to get in contact with ONGC today on 1800 664 248 and we will be happy to have a discussion around the best options for your business.