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Why is an offboarding project important?

Since no one likes to see a customer leave, it’s often overlooked, but offboarding is vital to your business. By rushing the offboarding process you can waste time and money getting your new service provider up to speed. As the current service provider, ONGC Systems has taken the time to document your infrastructure and processes which drive efficiencies in your business. In order to give you a fitting farewell, and help you with your journey forward, there is a fair bit of work we need to complete to put together as much relevant information as we can for you to pass onto your next service provider. We have outlined the list below, and as you can see, there is much to accomplish to ensure a smooth transition.

Why is an offboarding project important?

  • Liaising with your new service provider to ensure they have the information they require to service you
  • Finalising all accounts
  • Cancelling any agreements in place and preparing final invoices
  • Closing off all existing service requests
  • Handover of any projects or service requests that the new service provider are required to complete
  • Transfer licensing from ONGC Systems to your new provider such as;
    • Remote management software
    • Antivirus software
    • Antispam solutions
    • Any other unrequired ONGC Systems services
  • Compile and handover all your documentation which includes:
    • Providing diagrams if previously completed
    • Providing as much information as possible in relation to:
      • Supplier agreements
      • User lists and protocols
      • System functionality
      • Site idiosyncrasies
      • Licensing agreements and details
      • Password lists
      • Custom manuals or processes created by ONGC
  • Organise the drop-off of any of your equipment we have in-house
  • Organise the pick up of any loan equipment or hardware as a service equipment owned by ONGC Systems

Once the offboard project is complete, you can continue to operate with the knowledge that your new service provider has all the information to ensure cohesive support.

As you can see, we take this seriously and have your long term objectives at heart. We know that this process will serve you well, as over time, we have welcomed back many clients who have sought comparison elsewhere. It is your company’s right to move on, and we will be as respectful and professional as possible. In order to complete the transfer to your new provider, we require your offboarding project fees to be finalised. These fees vary depending on our engagement and a formal proposal will be provided to you outlining the scope of works and costs involved. Once payment for the offboarding project has been received, we will finalise the above items and any other items you require in your handover.

If you do not wish to have this information compiled and work completed on your behalf, we will simply provide you with the site administration password at handover or finalisation of any outstanding invoices. By agreeing to the offboarding project, you also accept all previous work and associated charges previously paid to ONGC Systems for past products and services rendered.

If you find the other providers aren’t up to your expectation, we would be privileged to welcome you back and iron out any areas that you may wish to address.

Many thanks for being part of our family, and we wish you the best on your future journeys.

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