CRN Impact Awards 2019

ONGC Systems are excited to announce that we have been named as a finalist in this years CRN Impact Awards. The awards highlight businesses that are at the forefront of technology development by creating solutions that impact and influence how businesses use technology. Made up of 130 entries across 11 different categories, CRN conducts a three-phase judging process to narrow down just three finalists per category.

The ‘Evolving Innovator’ category is primarily aimed at solution providers who have developed their own intellectual property through a third-party platform. Our REACH solution, which was officially released to market earlier this year has already been rolled out to a number of businesses across Australia helping them drive their Digital Transformation, growth and efficiencies through the distinct use of cloud technologies.

Reach Devices

REACH offers businesses in every industry the ability to arm their organisation with an all-encompassing IT solution. Through an ONGC built interface, REACH has the ability to consolidate business productivity tools, critical systems and data into a single pane of glass that allows users to securely work anywhere at any time breaking away from conventional fixed I.T. systems. ONGC have also built a number of industry first tools that puts the power back into your hands meaning that you can confidently manage the day to day requirements of your systems with ease and minimal time investment.

Having the involvement and support of key technology vendors, the solution has been, and continues to be backed by industry heavyweights Microsoft and Rhipe.

“I’m thrilled to see a solution built on top of Microsoft 365 with a clear understanding of specific industry needs. REACH empowers customers to have control over every day IT-related tasks in a very simple way”.

Nicolas Charritton – Sr Product Manager for Microsoft 365 in Australia.  

rhipe are excited to work with Steve and the team from ONGC Systems on their cloud workspace solution, Reach.  The Reach solution aggregates some of today’s leading cloud technology, but most importantly an ONGC-built application that puts the power back into a business owner’s hands. We’ve been extremely impressed by the offering developed and the business transformation that ONGC have under-gone in order to take this new solution to market.
Chris Sharp –Chief Strategy Officer at rhipe

Most importantly, our customers are also reaping the benefits of REACH, embracing the flexibility and reliability that these cloud technologies promote.

“Having a central IT location which the entire team can access has been fantastic. Due to the implementation of REACH, as well as Office 365 and all of the changes that ONGC have suggested, we have seen a definite increase in productivity.”

Todd Reynolds – Business Processes & Operations Manager at Queensland Sotheby’s International Realty.

You can read more about REACH in our press release published earlier this year. Remember, that winners for all of the 2019 CRN Impact Awards will be announced on Thursday 23 May 2019!