Gold Coast, Australia – 4th March 2019 – Today ONGC Systems officially launches their new cloud workspace solution, REACH, which allows businesses to access all their applications, company data, people and processes via a single pane of glass, from anywhere safely and securely.   

I’m thrilled to see a solution built on top of Microsoft 365 with a clear understanding of specific industry needs. REACH empowers customers to have control over every day IT-related tasks in a very simple way”.

Nicolas Charritton, Sr Product Manager for Microsoft 365 in Australia

An enterprise-grade solution for businesses of every size

The solution incorporates many leading technologies including Microsoft 365, Cylance and Veeam, to create a truly robust and secure platform that businesses can rely on to keep their data protected.  

Putting the power back into the business’ hands

The team have also taken the solution one step further by building their own administration application; this gives business owners more control over their systems and helps to reduce unnecessary IT support costs.  

rhipe are excited to work with Steve and the team from ONGC Systems on their cloud workspace solution, Reach.  The Reach solution aggregates some of today’s leading cloud technology, but most importantly an ONGC-built application that puts the power back into a business owner’s hands. We’ve been extremely impressed by the offering developed and the business transformation that ONGC have under-gone in order to take this new solution to market.

Chris Sharp, Chief Strategy Officer at rhipe

Some features of the app include:

  • Creating new users – what was once an hour-long process or a 24hour-away support request, can now be achieved by a business owner or administrator in less than 30 seconds.
  • Editing users – grant access to the relevant applications and business data according to a user’s company department.
  • Disable and terminate users – Immediately revoke a user’s access to all of your data and systems within a few clicks.
  • Manage and configure company devices
  • And many more.
Reach Administration App on a tablet

For Real Estate businesses, protecting their IP when an employee resigns is critical. This is due to the nature of the industry, as agents move from business to business. As an employer, they can now avoid losing client lists or important company data with the REACH admin app as company administrators can restrict access or terminate users at the drop of a hat.

We wanted to create a solution to help businesses across Australia reach their goals, protect their data, increase productivity and put the power back into their hands. Today, we are proud to announce that we have done just that. Our dedication and hard work have allowed us to create a truly integrative system, which allows businesses to expand, connect and improve the way they work. 

Steve Dawson, General Manager at ONGC Systems

Built for any industry

ONGC Systems have already implemented REACH into a range of industries and unlike some workspace solutions, have tailored the platform’s interface to provide an industry-specific and personalised user experience.  

Their approach to focus on certain vertical gives them the ability to truly specialise the solution to adapt to the ever-changing requirements of their customers. ONGC Systems is definitely one partner worth watching

Chris Sharp, Chief Strategy Officer at rhipe

QLD Sotheby’s International Realty are one of ONGC Systems’ first REACH customers and have been extremely happy with the solution from the get-go. They now have a centralised platform that gives them quick access to all their business applications and allows them to work anywhere at any time, knowing their data is safe and secure.

Having a central IT location which the entire team can access has been fantastic. Due to the implementation of REACH, as well as Office 365 and all of the changes that ONGC have suggested, we have seen a definite increase in productivity.

Todd Reynolds – Business Processes & Operations Manager at Queensland Sotheby’s International Realty

The user-friendly platform eliminates the restrictions of an office

Another important role of REACH is to increase productivity and efficiency within a business, allowing employees to access information and data anywhere, at any time on a secure and safe platform. Third-party applications can also be integrated with the platform, putting REACH truly at the heart of the business.

ONGC Systems have worked hard to produce a platform that will help businesses gain maximum control over their systems and protect their data, whilst giving team members total freedom to work anywhere at any time. The integration of additional software also makes it easier for specific industries to tailor their interface depending on their particular needs and requirements. Businesses currently working with ONGC Systems have already witnessed a real change in the way their company works and how easy REACH was to implement into their organisation. Along with the fantastic platform, customers can also take advantage of ONGC Systems’ Managed IT Services offering and receive full support from the team, who can help at any stage no matter how big the requirements.

Cloud workspace solution, Reach, on multiple devices

To learn more about the platform created by ONGC Systems contact the business on 07 5594 0099 or email [email protected], alternatively, you can also go to