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Before Swell Asset Management came to us, they had problems cohesively managing their data. They’d previously been using Google Apps combined with several other storage technologies, including Dropbox and onsite storage, to store, access and interact with their data.

The biggest impact that this disjointed system had on the business was that information was scattered across various locations, making it difficult and slow to locate relevant information.

There was also the problem that some of the documents had initially been created in Google Apps and some using Microsoft Office which meant compatibility between the users became complicated. Our customer also knew that there wasn’t a great deal of ability to scale with the current solution. Nevertheless, the team at Swell Asset Management knew there were more advanced ways of data management widely available. They wanted to move away from relying on Google apps and the mix of other technologies, which didn’t offer the collaboration tools they required.

After a review process with ONGC, the Swell team decided to transfer over to a consolidated Microsoft environment which included familiar applications as part of Office 365. After finding out about ONGC System from an online search, Swell Asset Management contacted ONGC Systems and asked us to help.

Client Testimonial

"Working with ONGC to implement SharePoint was a great experience. We’re all using Office 365 daily and have been able to shut down a number of different software applications that we used previously."

Administration Manager

The Solution

By identifying the key pain points and deficiencies, ONGC Systems were able to solve Swell’s data storage and access issues. Through collaboration with the customer, we decided that the most effective solution to their problem would be to take advantage of our Office 365 Migration Services and REACH; a customizable workspace solution that manages all IT requirements on a single pane of glass. Our goal was to make sure that the information across all locations was consolidated into a single platform that would break down communication and collaboration barriers.

Throughout the integration process, we were very happy to learn that Swell found the team at ONGC Systems both friendly and easy to work with. Their enquiries were responded to promptly by our admin staff as well as on-site engineers.

“ONGC Systems’ training plan has been great. They immediately picked up on the IT competency levels within our team and tailored one-on-one training accordingly. As a finance company with strict compliance requirements, our ability to work remotely and access all our systems, files and applications has enabled us to meet all the targets set for our operating license.”

The Result

Subsequently, the result of our solution meant that Swell’s information was easy to locate and access. It was also far simpler to collaborate data as users were already familiar with the new tools. Our services also reinstated confidence back into the safety and security of Swell’s data.

Most crucially though, the team at Swell Asset Management are consequently working much more efficiently.

As a result, our client continues to explore ways to evolve their business processes with the cloud technologies on hand.

“Before the project, our disaster recovery and business continuity plans were complex and expensive. OneNote is proving very useful for our research, and we’re Yammering lots of things we used to send via email, thereby saving time and reducing email clutter.”

“The whole process with the ONGC team went really well, and we were all very happy with the support you provided.”

“SharePoint is working extremely well, enabling us to collaborate on Word and Excel files to prepare our daily updates to clients and giving us a great filing system. We’re also very grateful for your advice to add LiveTiles to SharePoint, as it gives us easy access to the web-based applications we use regularly.”

Everyone at Swell is now using the new system and recognize it’s convenience, security and adaptability to varied working situations. The staff have said to particularly appreciate the collaboration opportunity that Office 356 and REACH allows. For more information regarding our Managed IT Services in the Gold Coast, head over to the dedicated page on our website.

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