Security of your IT systems and data has become a strong focus point for businesses of all sizes in recent times. With business spending there is always a focus on ensuring the budgeted money is well invested.

When referring to cyber security and budgeting for cyber security measures, we normally focus on the technology that helps reduce exposure to cyber-attacks and don’t always consider the education component of a Cyber Security strategy. The technology generally detects and mitigates threats on a computer or network and these items are still recommended to help protect companies, but these technologies don’t always address one of the easiest and low-cost strategies you can implement, being educating your team.  Without training, your staff aren’t always able to identify the tell-tale signs of a cyber-attack and may fall victim to a number of threats including:

  • Clicking a dangerous link in an email
  • Opening a compromising attachment
  • Navigating to an attacker’s website
  • Entering username & password on an attacker’s website
  • Sending information to spoofed email address pretending to be the owner
  • Performing requests from spoofed owner email
  • Sending money to people without verification

These attacks can cause devastation for businesses such as:

  • Ransomware
  • Data Breach
  • Loss of revenue
  • Loss of productivity

Security Awareness training helps to develop your staff into “Human Firewalls” for your business by identifying threats and potential risks that technology cannot protect. Incorporating this type of training into your staff induction process also means that any new team members have the skills from the get-go. The last thing you want is a new staff member being your next casualty. As the landscape of cyber security is ever changing, annual security awareness training for staff and management is crucial to ensure your company is aware of the risks and how to appropriately identify, verify, report & prevent these threats. ONGC offers security awareness training for organisations as part of their security assessment, training solution and Reach Security packages. The training can be provided onsite or via virtual sessions with your entire team or groups depending on your needs.

The training covers:

  • The current threat landscape
  • Methods to detect attacks
  • What to do to prevent these attacks
  • How to verify legitimate requests
  • What to do if an attack occurs or is found
  • + heaps more tips and tricks

With cyber security, you are only as protected as your weakest point, therefore having your staff with a good cyber awareness can be your best defence against a cyber-attack.

Reach out to ONGC today to discuss your security concerns and schedule a security review & training for your organisation.

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