IT as a service has become a part of businesses all around the world throughout the last decade. With more and more systems becoming available as a service to businesses, it’s become a necessary investment. Not only does it entail a lot of cost savings, but it also improves efficiency and productivity.

OpEx Instead of CapEx

IT as a service involves a lot of cost savings. This is because it shifts a business’s model from CapEx to OpEx. This essentially means the business shifts from paying for the infrastructure, maintenance, repair, and operations, to the services instead. Hence, the repair and maintenance are handled by the service providers and the customer pays for an annual or monthly subscriptions.

This shift benefits small businesses tremendously. You get access to a suite of apps and business IT support without having to invest in the infrastructure which declines in value by the day. You don’t have to worry about optimisation, efficiency, storage, or even security. IT services Brisbane even provide constant monitoring to close vulnerabilities within managed systems. All of this is done at a fraction of the cost that it would cost to setup this architecture on site.

Better Defence Against Cyber Security Threats

ITaaS allows for better defense against cyber attacks

IT as a service also focuses on providing the best cyber security to businesses. This includes identifying vulnerabilities within systems and eliminating redundancies. It also includes consistently updating hardware and software, and patching out of date software. Of course, that’s not all. The business IT support provided by ITaaS also includes options to undertake additional security training to educate your team around defending your business from cyber attacks.

Service providers even offer encryption to scramble critical data that is useless to thieves after they’ve stolen it. Among other services is the anticipation of looming threats and bolstering systems against harm.

Customer Focused Business Approach

ITaaS allows a business to focus on its customers

ITaaS provides a lot of customer focused business IT solutions due to the significant amount of exposure to all types of business that they service. This in turn gives businesses the capacity to provide relevant recommendations around your IT requirements and make sure you’ve got a good platform to work with. This is a much more cost effective way of managing and enhancing your business technology. This type of business IT support is very challenging and expensive with an in-house team and systems for a small business. Internal IT teams are often limited by their exposure to a single environment and aren’t always aware of the technology advancements that are available to business.

Any business would benefit tremendously from incorporating ITaaS solutions into their organisation. Hence, it’s vital for a small business to give IT solutions Gold Coast a try and experiencing the advantages firsthand.