Come on in and take a tour of our office. We have recently employed the team at 360 Business View to create a Google virtual tour of the ONGC System’s office. Click and drag on the image above to move around the office, and see how our team is working.

The Demo Room

The first stop on the Virtual tour and where you are welcome to come in, talk to our technical consultants and have a look and feel at how Office 365, the 3CX phone systems and other technologies can work for you and your business.

The Main Office

Up the stairs on your left, you will come to our reception area, where you will be greeted by our friendly staff. Here you will also see our management teams offices. Keep on moving thought you will see our heads up displays, which gives us an overview of the status of our clients, on our Managed Services agreements, at a glance.  We are alerted if any concerns are identified by our monitoring systems immediately.  Our team are then quick on the case to work with our clients to remain as pro-active as possible and ensuring that they are receiving maximum system uptime and performance. Keep on moving through and you can see the team hard at work

The Tech Bay

Downstairs you can have a look at where the team works on repairing computers and servers that are brought in to the office. Hears is also where we run up new machines and infrastructure prior to taking them to site.

The Gym

Staying downstairs we have our Gym and kitchen. ONGC Systems is a strong believer that a healthy and happy team works smarter and more efficiently. The team is encouraged to use these facilities as they please.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to visit the office in person.