As the cliché goes, all good things must come to an end, however in this case, those good things are now transforming into something even better.

With the year 2020 approaching, it’s time to say goodbye to some of your much-loved software products, as they reach the end of their extended support period. But the good news is, we are still over 12 months away from removing support for these products, so there’s time to prepare.

What products are affected?

We’ve collated a list of the expiring products below, including the current replacement versions that are available today:

Historic VersionEnd of Support DateCurrent Version
Windows 7January 14, 2020Windows 10
Server 2008 R2January 14, 2020Server 2019
Small Business Server 2011January 14, 2020Office 365 (Cloud Subscription)
Exchange Server 2010January 14, 2020Exchange Server 2019
Microsoft Office 2010October 13, 2020Office 365 / Microsoft Office 2019

How does this affect you?

When the extended support is removed by Microsoft, it essentially means that you will no longer receive support from Microsoft for the software, and they will no longer develop or release any new features or security patches. What’s more, most line-of-business software vendors and IT services companies will cease support for these products if you continue using the expired versions.

What do you need to do?

Ultimately, the software needs to be upgraded to a newer, supported version of the application or operating system, to ensure your business remains protected and gains access to new features that may become available.

How we can help

For customers that are currently under a fully managed agreement with ONGC, we will be reaching out to you over the coming months (if we haven’t already) to begin to plan a strategy to ensure you remain relevant and protected.

If you’re not a customer of ours, get in touch today and we can help to review your business needs and provide an IT strategy that keeps your business systems up-to-date, safe and secure.