Free Windows 10 Upgrade offer ends July 29th, 2016

The free Windows 10 upgrade offer will have been available for a year on the 29th of July and Microsoft has announced that that there are more than 300 million devices running Windows 10. Microsoft have also reminded its customers that once the free Windows 10 upgrade offer ends that the price moving forward to upgrade to Windows 10 Home will be $119 USD and Windows 10 Pro will be $199 USD

Should I upgrade to Window 10?

For those of you who haven’t upgrade to Windows 10 yet and are still unsure of doing so, Microsoft have just announced this year’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update will have great new innovative features. The reality is that before you look to perform the upgrade that you ensure that all of your software and hardware is fully compatible to ensure you don’t run in to any compatibility issues after the update and ensure that you have a Backup of all your critical data

Windows Ink

With Windows Ink you will be able to use your the Surface Pen, your fingertip or both at once (on touch enabled devices). By pairing it with your Office applications you will be able to easily edit your documents. You will also have access to features like Sticky Notes with a simple click of your Surface Pen. Windows Ink will also allow you to turn drawings of charts and graphs into the real thing. Windows Ink will always be active in the background so you will be able to write notes when you need to without the need to unlock your device

More Cortana

With Cortana you will be able to simply talk to your device and make a note, play your music, set a reminder and search the internet for exactly what you are looking for. Cortanta will be at your service even before you login.

Windows Hello

Unlock your PC and devices by just looking or touching them (specialised hardware is required). You will also be able to unlock your PC by tapping your Windows Hello enabled phone. Windows Hello will also allow you to gain instant access to paired apps and protected websites on Microsoft Edge, while still maintaining enterprise security.

So who can upgrade to Windows 10.

The free Windows 10 upgrade is available to qualified new or existing Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices that upgrade by July 29. Check to see if your device is compatible.

If you would like help in upgrading to Windows 10 or if you have any question please contact ONGC Systems and we will be only to happy to assist.