Along with the constant evolution of technology comes a skyrocket in the number of organisations transitioning to an entirely digital workplace. Gone are the days where multiple tools are used for daily operations as instead, all aspects can be completed in one single platform.

The latest introduction to the world of collaborative software systems is Microsoft Teams. Available to businesses of all industries and scales, the popular platform makes messaging, video meetings, file sharing and many more, simply a breeze. With this in mind, we have compiled an introduction, along with a guide to the benefits of Microsoft Teams.

8 Benefits Of Microsoft Teams

According to a Dynamic Business article published early this year, Australian businesses are now miles ahead of their global counterparts in terms of embracing the latest technology. Statistics show that those showing confidence in a more digital approach has increased by 35%, which means that it is now more important than ever to consider transitioning to modernised tech.

Microsoft Teams, in particular, focuses on enabling businesses to work together in a single platform through the use of cloud-based software. Not only do workspaces allow chat-based communications, but also file sharing, video meetings and collaborative editing. Those who already utilise Office 365 will find it considerably easier to adapt their operations to incorporate Teams. It is more than likely that the platform will already be available as part of the Microsoft cloud-based package. Tech Republic has put together an incredibly helpful ‘cheat sheet’ on all things Microsoft Teams for more information.

As industry experts in IT solutions in Brisbane, we have had a number of years trailing the array of possibilities that Microsoft Teams bring. So, have devised the plethora of ways that utilising Teams can help to grow your business and streamline operations below.

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1. Enhanced Communications

One of the most sought-after benefits of Microsoft Teams is its ability to enhance communications more than any previous platform. The ‘chat functionality’ aspects continue to take centre stage when discussing the key features of Teams.

Opting to use the software will aid in planning and successfully executing threaded conversions between members, large-scale conference calls, brainstorming sessions and many more. The chore of having to work through pages of email threads or meeting notes will be eliminated as all relevant personnel will access information in one place. You can choose between sharing conversions with all team members or set up a separate tab for confidential communications. If required, Skype functions can also be integrated for those interested in audio or video meetings.

2. Improved Productivity

When completing projects through Teams, it becomes increasingly more straightforward to organise tasks and prioritise your time; therefore, significantly improving productivity. Particularly for those who work on multiple projects at once, separate channels can be created in which all conversions, files and meetings can be stored on the topic in question. For example, those in the financial industry can create channels for each of their clients to avoid a crossover between important information. As opposed to filtering through emails on tonnes of subjects and potentially becoming distracted, you will be able to focus your time on the task that you have scheduled.

Another helpful feature of Microsoft Teams is that all files uploaded are saved and backed up in the future. Even if a document is deleted, you will be able to access it from your SharePoint system. You can also edit files easily in real-time without having to leave your chat when, for instance, you are on a conference call and want to take meeting notes.

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3. Ability To Work Remotely

With the use of Microsoft Teams, employees are free to work remotely anywhere, at any time and on any device that suits their preferences. There are no constraints in terms of locations that files can be accessed, allowing a seamless transition to a cloud-based digital workplace.

Opting to provide team members with the opportunity to work remotely comes alongside a wealth of advantages to business operations, including the following:

    • Reduced Costs – Working remotely means that important corporate meetings and conferences can be joined through the power of the internet. There will be fewer travel expenses and a higher attendee rate. Money is also saved in terms of employee retention. Giving individuals the freedom to work from home to suit personal commitments such as taking care of children equals to higher employee satisfaction.
    • A Larger Talent Pool – Equipping your business with a remote workforce means that your business is no longer limited by location; therefore, can hire the best of the best. You can attract the highest skilled, brightest talents without having to worry about whether they live locally. This also makes it considerably easier to headhunt the perfect candidate for roles.
    • Future-Proofs Businesses – We can never quite anticipate how technology will evolve in years to come and how organisational operations may change. Allowing the opportunity to work remotely will future-proof your business, accommodating the needs of future generations.
    • Enhanced Work/Life Balance – Creating the perfect work/life balance can be somewhat tricky. However, remote work will contribute towards achieving this. Employees who choose to work from home can enjoy a more flexible schedule, taking breaks when they begin to lack concentration and reduced stress. For more information on how to promote a healthy work/life balance, take a look at Upskilled.

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4. All Tasks Are Brought Together

Microsoft Teams strives to bring all daily operations together onto one, easy to navigate platform. Not only can all communications be stored on Teams, but employees are also free to add third-party tools to their chosen channels. Platforms including Google Drive, Trello and Dropbox, can all be added to your workspace, which means that you can continue to use the tools that have worked for your business in the past, alongside Teams.

Along integrating tools also comes the ability to upload files onto channels. All documents created using Office 365 programmes such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel can be uploaded onto Teams. Those with access to Teams can view and edit documents at the same time without any conflicting files. Amendments will also be automatically saved to avoid any details from being lost.

5. Minimal Technical Knowledge Required

When hiring new team members, one of the trickiest tasks is often training individuals on the software that you use as a business. With Microsoft Teams, only minimal technical knowledge is required to navigate channels with ease. It couldn’t be easier to get new starters up to speed with daily operations, ensuring that they can work to their full potential without any hurdles to overcome.

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6. Customisable Workspace

Every component of Teams can be customised to not only the business but also the individual using the software. While you are given an initial, functional foundation, you can then evolve your channels to suit your preferences – yet another way to improve productivity. Just some of the many ways that you can personalise Microsoft Teams include the following:

      • Apps – If social media updates play an integral role in business operations, then apps can be added to your Teams platform. You can turn on notifications so you will be alerted of any updates.
      • Add Tabs – A vast range of tabs can be added to customise the channel that you are working on. Whether it may be OneNote documents or merely websites that you do not want to lose, all can be stored in an organised manner.
      • Planner – All Microsoft Teams software comes alongside the option to add a planner to channels. The admin of Team can then begin to assign tasks to individuals. Tasks are then categorised by ‘Not Started’, ‘In Progress’ and ‘Completed’ to allow all members to remain on track. You can even add customised labels to each task to drill down progress further.
      • Emails – Custom email addresses can be made for a particular channel. All those who have access to the channel will receive any emails sent to this mailbox, enhancing communications further.

7. Increased Transparency

One of the hardest hurdles to overcome as a business is the ability to remain transparent. In terms of transparency, this doesn’t necessarily relate to the way customers or clients view the company, but, instead, transparency internally as a team. It can often provide tricky to ensure that all individuals are kept in the loop with corporate updates, meaning that some may feel disconnected from their team.

Microsoft Teams is a fantastic way to boost transparency, making it considerably easier to reassure that all employees are aware of what is going on. To direct a message at one person, in particular, simply place an ‘@’ before typing their name. They will then receive a notification that they have been mentioned in a post. Everyone else will still have access to this message, with the option to take a read if they please. Overall, Teams take an open approach to project management, allowing everyone to view updates, even those that do not necessarily relate to their role.

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8. Assists Move To The Cloud

The choice to transition a business into the digital age, storing all data on the cloud continues to grow in popularity. Opting to store on the cloud means that anything from software and hosting to business processes can be stored securely in one place, via the internet.

There are a plethora of benefits that come alongside opting to adopt the cloud computing approach to operations, and utilising Microsoft Teams will help to ease you into this. Teams is a fully cloud-based solution, meaning that through using this one platform alone, you have already moved almost all aspects of your company over to the cloud. Once complete, you can then reap the advantages of cloud computing, including the following:

      • Reduced IT Costs
      • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
      • Improves Employee Flexibility
      • Ease Of Scalability
      • Automatic Software Updates
      • Increased Collaboration
      • Guaranteed Security

Transition To The Digital Age With Microsoft Teams

Opting to use Microsoft Teams to your advantage is guaranteed to streamline business operations and modernise your organisation. In allowing your workforce to have full control over projects, not only will communication be enhanced, but projects will also be completed to a higher standard. The more you can work towards expanding your skills and improving your reputation, the more customers and clients you will attract!

If you are considering implementing Microsoft Teams, but unsure on whether to begin the transition, please do not hesitate to contact ONGC Systems. As specialists in reliable business IT support in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, you couldn’t be in safer hands!