What is the impact of losing your data?

There is no question that maintaining the security of your data has become one of the most common things that are front of mind for business owners and managers. The possibility of having compromised Intellectual Property represents a threat to your business that would be near impossible to put a price on. In some instances, the improper access of this type of data can lead to the demise of many organisations if it were to occur.

Some of the type of information we refer to here is:

  • Credit Card / Bank Account Information
  • Drivers License / Tax File Numbers
  • HR Documents / Financial Records
  • Essentially any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data, staff or customer related
  • Intellectual Property including but not limited to, recipes, inventions, processes, trademarks etc.
  • And many more…

One of the most common questions that we are faced with this “How do I protect my data?”. This is a very broad question and there are many different layers to data protection. Most commonly you may think of utilising backup copies in the event that a compromise occurred, however, it could be argued that having to revert to backups means that it is too late and the data has already been leaked or compromised.

How Azure Information Protection can help

Microsoft 365 includes a multitude of security functions and features to help safeguard your information. In this instance I want to focus on Azure Information Protection (AIP). AIP allows you to control, down to a macro level, how your data is accessed, consumed and distributed. Additionally it provides you with the ability to audit the life cycle of a document from its inception through to its termination which can prove to be very handy. Data can be tagged with terms that you can specify which also enforces different layers of security on those files. For example, you’ve no doubt seen correspondence from the ATO or Government which has a subject prefaced with [UNCLASSIFIED] or [SENSITIVE] and if you’ve got high enough security clearance you may have even seen [TOP SECRET]. AIP largely provides the same type of tagging and protection as these enterprise style systems used in this example.

Check out the below video to find our more about AIP and how it can work in your business.

Let’s get started!

For more information on Azure Information Protection and how it can be applied in your business, reach our to our Gold Coast IT Support Team at ONGC Systems. Our team of certified Azure and Certified Microsoft 365 consultants will be able to work with you on getting the best result.