Video Transcript

Now, you’ve moved all your data into the cloud. You’re using all these great technologies. But one thing I ask is, have you got a good backup plan in place for the data that’s in the cloud? 

One of the biggest misconceptions that we find is that people consider that if their data’s in the cloud, it’s automatically being backed up whether it be in Amazon, or Microsoft, or even Google. The reality is it’s probably not. Now, don’t freak out too much. The reality is there will be some degree of redundancy in your data when it’s stored in those systems. 

And to be fair, it’s probably a lot better than what it was when it was in your single server in your office. The one thing that we need to consider, and you need to be aware of is most of these cloud providers have what we call a shared responsibility model. 

Now, the shared responsibility model means that sure, they will take accountability for managing some aspects of your cloud environment, some things like management of your data, end-user access and identity management does solely rely on you. 

So my question to you today is are you fully aware of what your responsibility is around managing and protecting your own data and system security? Because one thing I can tell you is if you’re in the cloud it doesn’t mean you’re not accountable anymore.  

Always check with your provider and make sure you’re fully aware of what your responsibilities are.