The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is responsible for national cyber security in Australia. ACSC works on computer security threats and solutions faced by the Australian community to protect information and data.

In present times, almost all Australian organisations rely on the internet to conduct business activities. This has increased the risk of cyber threats; hence, there is a need for more comprehensive cyber security solutions provided by IT consultant in Brisbane.

Here are a few Cyber Security Standards set by the Australian Government:

The Australian Signals Directorate

The ASD is the peak advisory body of the Commonwealth that focuses on cyber security. It has set eight main mitigation strategies to help protect your ICT system known as the ‘Essential Eight’. The ASD suggests that implementing these eight cyber security strategies will help reduce cyber intrusions by almost 85%. Since every business is concerned with computer security threats and solutions, they should comply with these mitigation strategies.

“These four mitigation strategies include application whitelisting, patching applications, patching operating systems and using the latest version and lastly, minimizing administrative privileges” that can help maintain industrial cyber security.

The Australian Government Cyber Security Operations Centre’s 

The Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) is an Australian agency that operates under the Attorney General of the Commonwealth. It serves towards presenting questions to the management of an organisation.

Your cyber security providers will ensure that you comply with these standards. When setting cyber security standards, companies should ask themselves the following questions:

    • How will a serious cyber incident affect our company financially?
    • Who will benefit from getting access to our information?
    • How do we secure ourselves against threats?
    • Is the behaviour of our staff enabling a strong security culture?
    • Are we prepared to respond to a cyber security incident?
    • Is our company following ASD’s essential eight mitigation strategies?

    Once you go through these questions, you’ll have a better idea about your company’s cyber security standards.

    The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

    The office of the Australian Information Commissioner offers a detailed guide that companies need to follow in order to secure the personal information of its customers. The Privacy Act of 1988 places the responsibility on regulated entities (companies) to take reasonable steps under specific circumstances in order to protect the personal information of clients from misuse or loss. It also emphasizes protecting unauthorized access, modification or disclosure of customer information.

    The Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard

    When it comes to online payments, there are certain cyber security standards that a company has to follow. If your company allows card payments, it should follow and comply with the PCI Data Security Standard.

    In the case that your company outsources card payment processing, then it’s the responsibility of your outsource service provider.

    In this digital age, industrial cyber security is a growing concern. Familiarising yourself with the above-mentioned Cyber Security Standards or asking your cyber security providers about them will give you a basic idea of cyber security issues present in your organisation. It will also give you an idea about the type of conversations you should have with your company’s management that is responsible for cyber security solutions.

    In present times, every business is concerned about computer threats and solutions. To know more about cyber security in Brisbane contact us now!