Mobile Workers – The Must Have Scenario

Unlocking innovation, maintaining customer loyalty, enhancing the customer experience, and having a positive impact on sales and revenue are some of the benefits of mobilising your workforce and management.

There are almost 8.5 billion mobile connections globally and counting, up nearly 5% year-on-year, according to GSMA data. For enterprises, this represents a compelling opportunity: mobile maturity can lead to positive returns and more efficient business practices.

Many benefits can be reaped by companies taking a mobile-centric approach to workforce management (WFM), and especially for those companies with field employees across a range of roles – from sales and customer service to maintenance and production – which are increasingly reliant on modern mobile devices to remain productive.

Mobile applications on a smart device can unlock innovation in the field by creating new business models and helping to streamline field operations. Mobile apps such as softphones offer organisations and more importantly their customers the ability to communicate freely and easily with the stakeholders needed to either support, service or sell to them.  The flow on effect form a utilising Hosted Telephony Platform like ONGCs very own REACHPbx  along with the ability to leverage off the employees Smart Device with Softphone Technology allows your staff to work form anywhere at any time, enabling a more robust, flexible and ultimately happier work environment for your staff. Giving your staff the tools they need to complete their job regardless of their location is paramount in today’s ultra-competitive business marketplace. Optimising delivery schedules and equipment availability, more easily communicating changes or site locations, and informing employees of the tools they will need for each job.

With remote workers able to perform tasks faster than before, businesses can not only better position themselves to maintain customer loyalty, but also can effectively service more customers in a day, with the potential to make an impact on sales and revenue.

But how can organisations maximise the benefits of mobility in WFM? Here are five practical tips to help organisations implement mobile technologies and mobilise WFM:

Identify users and their needs

Mobile is not a one-size-fits-all technology. The mobility needs of the salesforce will differ from those in field maintenance, and it is important that these tasks and needs are identified upfront.

Engage users in the design process

Bring in end users and involve them in the early stages of developing the app. This collaboration between IT, the lines of business, and end users is essential.

Don’t over-complicate it

Focus on solving the user’s needs and keeping the app simple. It can be easy to slide into complexity as the desire to implement apps that are able to perform multiple functions for WFM is tempting, but may not result in an effective app and may defeat the object of making the job at hand easier

Invest in modern technologies

Invest in modern infrastructure, platforms and architectures. Field workforce apps and easily to manage and maintain apps like Softphones and Email online allow for a future proof methodology that will be more robust and allow for the advantages of a mobile workforce to come to the fore sooner rather then later.

Measure success

Determine what new or cumulative KPIs and metrics can be used to measure the success of mobilising WFM workflows as part of the business’ overall mobile app strategy. This helps the business understand where returns are tangible and quantifiable and where to prioritise efforts.

Partnerships with IT Support Provider’s like ONGC Systems can expose your to a wide variety of solutions and technologies to move more towards a mobile workforce. Our strong partnerships with Tier 1 cloud providers means that any strategies we collaborate with you on are always fully supported and scalable.

For more information on how mobile platforms from cloud phone systems to full digital transformations can promote your workplace of the future, reach out to our team.