I love my Office 365 templates. Sure you can make a simple budget spreadsheet and it will work, but why not make It look good too.

The below Office 365 templates will offer different ways to use the Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Sway. Take PowerPoint, for example, It can be used to create all types of interactive documents, not just presentations.

Here are 10 Office 365 templates to help YOU achieve more.

Money Management

The Budge Wheel – Stay on track with this easy-to-use, fun to look at, and all-encompassing budget tracker. It automatically calculates your savings for you and lets you categorise expenses for an all-up view.

Bill Paid Tracker – Keep all your bill information in one place. No more resetting passwords or forgetting that your bill is monthly instead of bi-monthly. Save all the information in this template to keep your bills organised.

Healthy Space

Healthy Habit Tracker – Every day that you accomplish your new good habit is a day you can check it off. It’s a nice way to track tasks that don’t happen every day so you can remember the last time you did them.

Fitness Vision – See your fitness goals at a glance. Four different “now and then” categories show you where you are compared to where you want to be. Keep them online as reminders or print them to inspire you daily

Speak to Your Public

Uplifting Social Content Creator – Create those inspiring quotes you see out there in social media land. Insert your photo, and use the suggested fonts to assemble an uplifting post for all your friends and family. Follow the directions to create the right size for each social channel.

Pyramid Speech Pillars – What’s important for your speeches? Figure it out and don’t forget it. Use this template to decide on your presentation pillars and then expand on them. Write your pillars on the printable, foldable pyramid that’s included and keep it with you

Emerging Professional

Digital resume, portfolio, and blog posts designed by MOO.com – A great new way of looking at how you can create a rememberable resume. Perfect for a getting that job at a digital agency.

Resumes designed by special collaborator MOO.com – Using word to its creative potential, this resume template is sure to get you noticed.

Family Fanatics

Weekly Chore Roulette – This chore chart does the dirty work and assigns your chores for you.

Weekly Calendar – The perfect, printable tool to keep track of your plans for the entire family. Jot them down so everyone knows what’s happening when.

Go to https://products.office.com/en-us/office-365-subscriber-templates and check out more great templates for Office365.

The financials templates: All the pre-entered amounts are in Pounds but new data entered will use your current currency settings. To update the Axises and Labels on the Graphs you will need to select the label you wish to edit, right click and select Format Axis (or Format Lable). Once the navigation pane pops up, Open the Number drop down and update the Category to be Currency and the number swill update to your currency settings.

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