About This Case Study

This specialist Plastic Surgeon practice had grown their start-up practice for the last 5 years. They were a business born in the cloud during a time where so many technologies were at the forefront claiming all the fortune of a top-tier platform but with minimal track record to base it from.

This practice was keen to embrace a cloud-first operation that would allow them to obtain a balanced solution that promoted efficiencies. Prior to coming on board with ONGC, they were engaged with another Managed IT Provider that was delivering a private hosted desktop, emails services, phones and internet.


When engaging ONGC, this practice was utilising a rigid system that quite often caused significant disruption to their daily operations. The team regularly experienced disruptions which impacted their ability to effectively function and consult with their patients. Additionally, the internet connectivity was a significant bottleneck that added additional strain when accessing the cloud-based platform.

It appeared that the solution was largely over-engineered for their requirements which also became quite costly compared to alternate solutions. Staff were becoming increasingly frustrated and had lost confidence in the IT systems. It was time for a change.

What Our Customers Say

"We’re a specialist plastic surgery practice that relies heavily on dependable technology to run our business. ONGC really helped us simplify our systems and delivered a much more appropriate solution that dramatically increased our productivity and eased a lot of frustration that we had with our previous systems. We now have a comprehensive Microsoft 365 solution in place that has not only helped us gain back confidence in our technology but also helped us improve our security posture through a number of the Microsoft 365 package inclusions."

Specialist Resconstructive & Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

The Solution

When this practice reached out, the ONGC team took the time to complete a full assessment of their current environment to get a better understanding of the current state of play. From there, we followed our proven process to build a tailored solution that addressed their key business challenges.

The solution included:

By moving to a modern workplace experience, the team was immediately able to access their entire system and data from anywhere, any time, on any device. They were no longer faced with long delays when accessing crucial patient data and significantly improved their Cyber Security posture. This was largely achieved by implementing several of the included tools within their new Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription. Combined with the cost-effective internet and phone system solution, the business was also able to achieve cost savings whilst improving operational efficiency.

The Result

Following implementation of ONGC’s solution, the practice overall technical support requests dropped by 90% compared to previous solutions and confidence in the IT systems was restored. The end result meant they are now able to consult with patients with full confidence that their technology won’t let them down.

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