As technology continues to evolve at a quicker rate than we could have ever anticipated, it is now more important than ever for businesses to ensure that they incorporate all resources available to strive in the digital age. The more advanced and innovative corporate processes become, the more likely you are to guarantee future success. Due to the plethora of digital resources now available, it has now become easier than ever to implement technology into daily operations. Video conferencing, in particular, remains a proven way to advance processes, enhance productivity and ultimately, dramatically increase profits. If your business is yet to integrate telecommunications, then it is most definitely worth taking advantage of the many benefits of video conferencing.

What Are The Benefits of Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing, by definition, is the communication of individuals in real-time via the internet using a video display. Any device that is equipped with a webcam, for instance, laptops, desktops and even tablets, can be used to achieve successful video conferencing. Involved in video conferences can be several correspondents attending from different locations across the globe; both one-to-one and group calling is available.

As specialists in video conferencing in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we have been lucky enough to experience the constant innovation of video conferencing. While in the past, an array of complex, costly equipment was required to utilise video conferencing, it now couldn’t be more straightforward. Video conferencing is now accessible to any business that opts for using the resource to their advantage – it can be as simple as using a mobile phone to join a call.

Having gained a basic understanding of the definition of video conferencing, it is imperative to begin delving deeper into the specific benefits of telecommunications and how, by implementing new technology, internal processes can become a seamless operation.

Reduced Travel Time

During the initial introduction of video conferencing, the key selling point to entice business owners was the idea that through utilising the technology in question, there will no longer be the need to travel to meetings. Excluding the necessity to schedule travel into the working day is capable of dramatically reducing both time and additional expenses – money that can be better utilised in other areas of the business.

Through arranging and executing conferences via the internet, internal, client or customer meetings can be successfully carried out regardless of their location across the globe. Attendees will no longer have to leave their office to participate in important meetings and the additional travel time will not have to be factored into their schedule. Merely download video software and set up your conference location wherever is suited best. Many video conferencing systems are also equipped with an instant messaging platform, allowing the time and date of conferences to be arranged with ease.

Not only is the reduction in travel time beneficial when scheduling meetings with multiple attendees but also when it comes to streamlining support departments. No longer will departments such as IT support have to travel to the location in question to inspect the issue, a conclusion can be made through a quick face-to-face video call.

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Enhanced Communication

Did you know that the human brain processes images approximately 60,000 faster than text?

As stated in research by Thermopylae Sciences + Technology, humans process visual information quicker than any form of text or audio alternative. Regardless of our preferences, our body is programmed to be visual by nature, up to 90% of the information stored in the brain is transmitted due to visual resources. Words only cover 7% of human interpretation meaning that body language and facial expressions are vital in achieving an in-depth understanding.

With this in mind, the ability to communicate face-to-face is a proven way to enhance relationships and comprehend details quicker. Meetings via video conferencing are guaranteed to assist participants in taking in, understanding and acting on the information provided. In doing this, you will immediately notice a dramatic increase in productivity. The ability to communicate face-to-face rather than through a constant email trail will help towards building stronger, more efficient working relationships. Physically seeing, connecting and talking with another individual rather than communicating via text will instantly make all participants feel more comfortable with one another. Each will gain a personal connection, therefore building trust and aiding future discussions.

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Streamlined Operations

While it may take initial research and preparation, once implemented, video conferencing is guaranteed to contribute towards streamlining operations. Briefly referring back to the benefit of reduced travel hours, this is just one of the many ways in which video conferencing frees up extra time that can be better utilised to create seamless processes.

When scheduling a conference in a physical location with several participants, all attendees must ensure that they bring along the essential resources and information required to satisfy all meeting objectives. Video conferencing, on the other hand, enables attendees to have all the necessary resources to hand as they will be calling from their workplace. The time and date of the video conference will be scheduled in advance, allowing plenty of preparation time meaning less initial chit-chat and more of an intensive discussion. All goals of the meeting will be covered at once, with no need to reschedule further conferences to pick up missed topics. The requirement for a follow-up email to consolidate all subjects discussed during the physical meeting will be excluded as this will instead, be the closing topic of the video conference. Time can be allocated at the end of the call for participants to ask any questions and take notes of their individual responsibilities.

Video conferencing comes alongside additional features which allow participants to screen share, preview mockups, display demo products and thoroughly explain research through visual resources. In just one conference, all participants will leave feeling accomplished and collectively, can begin kickstarting the next step of their project.

Increased Attendance

More significant, large-scale projects within a business often require the input of several team members. Particularly in a national or global organisation, the team members in question are likely to be dispersed across a number of different locations making physical meetings incredibly challenging. Coordinating a specific time and date that coincides with each participant’s schedule continues to be a considerable struggle in large businesses. While the project will not come to a complete halt in the event of a lack in attendance, it will create setbacks and make the completion of essential tasks trickier. It can prove challenging to relay information to those who were not present for the physical meeting. There will be several questions, ideas and opinions that they were not able to convey meaning a second meeting will need to be arranged.

Video conferencing is ideal for excluding the complexity of arranging physical meetings. Even when in different time zones, time can be allocated to meet everyone’s agenda as there will be no need to take a few days out of work to travel. If required, team members can even attend from the comfort of their home via remote access. Essentially, video conferencing provides complete flexibility when managing meetings, projects and schedules, therefore, increasing attendance.

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Employee Satisfaction

Happy, healthy employees are the foundation of a successful business. Those who enjoy their role will strive to better their skills, take on more responsibility and implement positive changes to the company. However, based on a 2015 article by Virgin, one of the most significant impacts on the physical and mental health of employees is travelling. While travel, at first, may appear to be a luxury, the reality is that it is rarely enjoyable and is proven to increase stress levels and weaken the immune system. Included in the article is a quote from Scott Cohen, deputy director of research of the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of Surrey, that was included in Cohen’s eye-opening study on frequent business travel:

Business travel has a wide range of physiological, psychological and emotional, and social consequences that are often overlooked, because being a ‘road warrior’ tends to get glamorized through marketing and social media.

Cohen’s quote brings a new concept to business travel and highlights how businesses should begin implementing resources that will limit the need for employees to travel. Video conferencing, as mentioned previously, is one of the most effective ways to exclude business travel. It enables employees to work remotely based on their schedule; ideal for those with family commitments, work from home or are in remote locations away from the central business headquarters.

The ability to work remotely allows more control over the working day, making it considerably easier to maintain a healthy work-life balance. A healthy balance is imperative in enhancing productivity and ultimately, building a team of happy employees who are committed to remaining in the business – this is also known as heightened employee retention.

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Utilise Video Conferencing To Your Advantage!

The above points cover just a brief introduction into the many benefits of opting to implement video conferencing into your business operations. Video conferencing is capable of dramatically reducing project timeframes, therefore, allowing more time to invest in advancing current processes, enhancing creativity and setting bigger goals. All departments and team members, regardless of their location, will be given the opportunity to communicate, build a strong working relationship and attend every conference with ease.

If you are interested in any cloud-based solutions including not only video conferencing but also options such as hosted phone systems in the Gold Coast and Brisbane, then please feel free to contact ONGC Systems!