It’s been an eventful month with stock shortages, cyber-attacks and power outages. Recently, we have seen two large companies get compromised by cyber-criminals whom are still recovering from the damages.


The largest international meat processing company has been shut down due to a cyber-security breach meaning the systems that sort the animals coming in and the meat going out were out of commission. The attack happened on Sunday 29 May and at the writing of this article are not back up and running. There has been no information on how the attack occurred however JBS reacted quickly, reaching out to authorities and IT experts promptly in efforts to get the company running again. However, the first day was spent sorting cattle back to their homes as they could not stay at JBS. The remaining disruption is ongoing and could go on indefinitely. It’s not just JBS affected by this, thousands of workers are currently stood down while waiting for operations to return to normal. Not only this but farmers are unable to send their cattle to the processing center.


Although you might think that Aged Care companies are the last people hackers would want to target, no one is safe. The hacker group REvil/Sodin have taken credit for the attack on UnitingCare that occurred in late April this year. UnitingCare look after aged care and disability services from Hervey Bay to Brisbane. The first clue for staff was when the WiFi stopped working and there were issues accessing patient records etc. It appeared that the cyber-criminals were looking to steal patient information and hold it for ransom although it does not seem like they succeeded.  Currently there may be issues trying to call in or book appointments online due to the aftereffects of the hack.

It may not be you, but it can still affect you. These incidents have domino effects and can cause issues for more than just the companies being hacked. The same way that if your company’s system was breached, it would have a knock-on effect to your clients. JBS have been down for days, leaving many in the dark.. There is no discrimination when it comes to cyber-attacks; health or leisure, big or small, they will come for you.

Security reviews and assessments are not something to put off until it suits you or left on the backburner for another time. If you haven’t had one in the last 12 months, it really needs to be prioritised.There’s no way to predict when and how a cyber-attack will occur, you need to be prepared, protected and diligent always.

If you have any concerns or doubts about your cyber security posture, big or small, reach out to our team today and they will be more than happy to help you discuss the next steps.

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