Generally, if you’re running a business, you’re extremely time poor and have a multitude of factors competing for your attention. I’m sure you’re all too familiar with those times waking up at 2 am with a brain wave remembering that ‘thing’ that needs to be done! Investing your money into a Technical Consultant can, not only, relieve a small section of your workload, but can also advance your business dramatically. You can find out all about IT Consulting, and the wonders of a Technical Consultant, within this article.


Do you Need a Technical Consultant?

Having the right people in the right positions within your business is an essential aspect towards your businesses success, but in some cases, you’re left wearing all (or many) of those hats. When you’re in this position, how do you make sure that the decisions made in each area of your business are educated ones? You’d most likely seek external advice, right? Just the same as you would seek legal advice from a solicitor or financial guidance from your accountant. Similarly, Technical Consultants can provide you with advice concerning your technology needs. As technology continues to be one of the driving factors towards an organisation’s results, it is now more prevalent than ever to require technical consultation.

If you have full-time technical staff employed, then this is fantastic. However, it is vital to ensure that just like yourself, your technical team is kept abreast of the latest technology trends. This will help ensure that both your technology and business continue to remain aligned. Unlike an external advisor, an internal IT Manager would only have limited access to new industry information. So, imagine the breadth of extensive experience that can be brought to the table by the presence of an external advisor who is in constant interaction with the IT industry. Having an external advisor sit in on solutions or environment discussions will provide unmeasurable value.

Business Roles

Many organisations are now building Chief Information Officer (CIO) / Chief Technology Officer (CTO) roles. These positions heavily focus on how technology is implemented in order to accelerate business goals and demonstrate ROI’s for investments made. Change management is also a strong consideration which needs to be included when making any decisions around technology implementations. Whilst for smaller businesses these roles can seem overkill, many Managed Service Providers and IT Support companies in the Gold Coast can also provide this service in either a virtual capacity (vCIO / vCTO) or as part of a Technical Consultancy engagement.

When it comes down to it, IT Systems, whether they be Cloud Computing or On-Premise solutions, can boost a business’ performance. On the other hand, if not done well, they can have the reverse effect. It’s essential to make informed decisions about your IT Systems to ensure the former is achieved.


ONGC Systems has a variety of engagements available from vCIO to Technical Consulting available. Our Account Management processes also works with you on planning and demonstrating business outcomes as opposed to talking geek about gigabytes and megahertz. These tried and tested processed provide you with the predictability and awareness you need to comfortably run your business. For more information about our IT Services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, get in touch with a member of the ONGC team or head over to our Service Page.