Your customers trust you to safeguard their personal information and ensure it’s not exposed to unauthorised access. But as we’ve all seen, all businesses are becoming increasingly vulnerable to security breaches and hackers are going to new lengths to access your data.

So what are hackers doing now?

With more employees now using work devices for non-work-related activity, they often use the same password in and outside of work. (Don’t worry, we’re all guilty of it!) But hackers can then obtain those login details through 3rd party sites and sell them on places such as the Dark Web. Some of the most well-known attacks occurred to both LinkedIn and Dropbox just to name a few.

Have you or any of your staff used the same password for a third-party service that you use to access your company’s systems?  Just think, what data would a hacker be able to access if they knew your password – scary right?!

What can you do?

At ONGC, we want to educate, and help prevent these types of security breaches. That is why, we’re introducing Dark Web ID checks for companies who want to heighten their security and protect their business.

  • We identify compromises throughout your company
  • We monitor 24/7 – 365
  • We help prepare, predict and prevent attacks on your company

Click here to learn more about the solution, and get in touch to see how you can start having Dark Web checks*.

You can also check out the 9 ways your employee’s credentials can lead to a breach.

*Please note, this is additional paid solution that falls outside of any existing security package or Managed Services Agreement you may have with ONGC Systems.