The entry rate for start-ups and new businesses in Australia is growing according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). It increased by 15.1% in 2017. One of the first decisions each new entrant will make, will be choosing a phone or phone system that suits their needs. The challenge here is that most new businesses do not have the time to wait for a phone system to be installed, nor do they have the budget for an enterprise-grade solution.

Enterprise-grade phone systems can cost thousands of dollars, require knowledgeable IT or telecoms support to set up, and can take weeks or even months to become operational. Dependencies on NBN and ensuring access to the business location are other factors to take into consideration. For small businesses that rely on flexibility to get off the ground and mobility to stay there, this approach does not always work. Fortunately, the introduction of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and virtual phone systems has changed that.

What Are Virtual Phone Systems?

A virtual phone system, also known as cloud based communication or a cloud phone system uses the internet to facilitate calls. The model is simpler than an enterprise-grade solution, with loads of features and less complexity. It is also easy to install, quick to become operational and gives business owners several additional features that add real value to their operations and customer service. This flexibility, along with lower set-up costs and no commitment to a long-term contract, is what small and medium business owners need to keep the price down.

Virtual Phone Systems and COVID-19

We have been working in the industry for over 17 years and have seen the changes in the industry alongside being an enabler of technology for our clients. For many clients during the COVID-19 pandemic, mobilising their workforce in line with the work from home requirements was complimented by the use of our REACHPbx suite that is designed to provide choice of solution and agility to ensure the best fit solution is aligned with the business needs. The technology has allowed virtual reception staff to take calls as though they are in the office and extended functionality to the greater workforce. Did you know that all you need is a smart phone and you can be connected and using the system without any hassles?

The solution doesn’t lock our customers into a specific set of technologies and provides flexibility to evolve as required.  REACHPbx is an option that allows us to run-up, install and train our customers and their staff easily with respect to Hosted Telephony. The system is also incredibly scalable and suits businesses of all sides, starting as small as one softphone extension. The platform supports upward of 10,000 extension per instance if required.

Need Help with Your Communications Platform?

If you or anybody you know may want to have a conversation with ONGC regarding the future of Telephony, reach out to us and discuss what the future of telecommunications looks like for your business.