In this article, we wanted to take a different approach to talking about the topic at hand. We regularly talk about ‘best practice’ & ‘ideal world scenarios’ but today wanted to give you some insight into some of the technology that we use & rely on ourselves. We will discuss how a Modern Phone System that we use internally and can provide to you also enables our operations to not just meet our customer needs & expectations but exceed them.

“Practice what you Preach”

The saying “Practice what you Preach” is more relevant today than ever before. Here is some commentary on ONGC’s philosophy with regards to Telephony & the options that are available today & why having our staff contactable at any time is more critical to our ongoing success than ever before.

Covid-19, it is here to stay & with that comes a whole set of new requirements along with the day to day challenges that our business faces.  How we stand out from our competition still needs to be at the forefront of our Stakeholders minds through these turbulent times.  Making sure our staff are contactable is the first step in ensuring our customers satisfaction. While businesses are constantly looking at new ways to ensure their clients can reach them, we understand the critical nature of the modest phone call.

woman on emails

Clients will use email & other more modern collaboration tools however when there is an emergency, or a client needs to speak to one of our staff with an urgent request, we find that having a robust & feature rich phone system is even more important today than ever before.

Why Is This So Important

We are still enacting a “work from home” or remote working methodology. The ability for our Phone System to be able to adapt to these needs & ensuing business grade voice qualities has always been a must.  Our customers want answers quickly & the needs & expectations of our clients are even more important today in this Covid-19 world where we are all faced with an abundance of uncertainty. With competition for business & a realisation that we are all in for rough 12-18 months post Covid-19, the requirements to ensure we keep our clients up to date & ensure our staff are accessible to our clients at all times is our number one priority. Without our clients we do not have a business. It is our clients we serve first & foremost & we do this by having an up to date, flexible & robust telephony platform that we can all rely on to ensure our clients are serviced as efficiently as possible. 

Where Should You Start?

While the conversation around “Hosted Telephony” versus “On Premises Telephony” (CPE) can be a discussion that can go on for hours & the virtue of each can be deliberated until we are all red in the face, both types of design still have a part to play in today’s market. We believe that each client has their own unique set of requirements that can include but not just be limited to flexibility, scalability, feature set, security, budget & other ongoing service & maintenance requirements.

While 85% of our clients utilise our Cloud infrastructure which for ONGC is powered by Microsoft Azure, we have some clients that need to have their solution onsite (CPE).  One thing we pride ourselves on here at ONGC can be flexible for our clients, meaning we are not here to provide what is best for us.  We are here to provide what is best for our clients. This ensures we recommend best practice for that consultation. This is contrary to some providers that allege what is “best practice” trying to maximise their commission on the sale or looking for a short-term win. We offer full options for all our clients & we go through the pros & cons for all of them. This can take an extra meeting or two between our Business Develop Managers, Account Managers & clients to allow our clients to fully understand what the options are, however the saying “slow down to go fast” couldn’t be more adept in these scenarios.

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We are continually dedicated to ensuring the advice provided is best for the business in question, with our recommendation forming a part of these discussions.  Our ability to maintain & support either a Cloud or Hosted Phone System or On Premises System takes away any anxiety our clients have with respect to making that part of the decision, & in real terms whatever the customer chooses will allow them to have the flexibility required & also leverage the security off our very own ReachPBX Telephony System. 

ONGC has been servicing our clients for over 17 years here in South East Queensland, along with clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and other remote locations Australia wide. Our ability to support CPE or a Cloud instance in other geographical locations means that borders are not a barrier in allowing any organisation take advantage of our tools.

If your business is looking at ways to stay ahead of your competition & you want to ensure your clients can always make contact with you & your staff, please feel free to reach out to us. The 15-minute conversation could literally save you thousands on your current monthly Telco costs & it could also create new business just by ensuring new engagements & queries are answered in a timely manner.

We use our very own ReachPBX, & while we are all working remotely or from home, for ONGC, nothing has changed for our staff & most importantly our clients. For us, it has been business as usual & a lot of that has to do with our Telephony System.  We continue to “Practice what we Preach”.