As of February 1, Microsoft will introduce two new package add-ons to complement the current Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 plans with advanced security & compliance features.

Why? Well, with increased cybersecurity threats and the introduction of data compliance regulations such as the GDPR, most companies have had to rethink their data security & compliance strategy. Therefore, Microsoft want to ensure all businesses have access to the tools they need to keep their data safe and secure.

Remember, you’re not only responsible for your own data, but also that of your clients, which might be stored in your systems.

New bundles to satisfy your security needs

Identity & Threat Protection: This add-on brings together many different security features found in other Office 365 bundles, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). It includes advanced threat protection services, as well as Microsoft Cloud App Security and Azure Active Directory. This offer will be available for $12 per user per month.1

Information Protection & Compliance: This add-on combines Office 365 Advance Compliance and Azure Information Protection. It is designed to help Chief Compliance Officers perform ongoing risk assessments, protect sensitive data, etc. This offer will be available for $10 per user per month.1

Should you just upgrade to Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 instead?

Not necessarily. Whilst Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 already offers top-of-the-line advanced security & compliance features2, unless you’re interested in other E5 features, such as a cloud VOIP phone system, there’s really no need to upgrade.

How much is your data security worth to you?

The new add-on would bring your total cost to:

$41 per user/month for the “Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 license + Identity & Threat Protection” bundle1

$39 per user/month for the “Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 license + Information Protection & Compliance” bundle1

A substantially lower operational cost than the $50.703 per user/month for the E5 plan.

So does the E5 plan still have value?

The E5 plan still has extra features that can be of great value for some customers with additional needs, such as audio conferencing and business analytics.

So when it comes to choosing a plan and/or bundles, whatever your choice may be, just know that doing nothing is not worth the risk.

Not sure of the right plan for you? Arrange a free consultation with a member of the team today. 

1Pricing for Microsoft 365 E3 customers before volume discounts and subject to change.

2Azure Advanced Threat ProtectionAzure Information Protection

3Price as of 15th January 2019