Scope Business Solutions has been involved with a number of complete medical practice setups over the past 7 years and while there is a lot involved in setting up a successful practice, Technology is a large part of it.  Myself and my clients have chosen to work alongside ONGC for many of these set...

Sue Pocock – Owner – Scope Business Solutions

During the initial set up, of our new practice, ONGC was brilliant in getting the stuff here, getting it all setup, getting it installed and dealing with my constant lists. I would call Steve 2 -3 times a day and nothing was ever a big issue for them. We are now trying to work around […]...

Brian Corff – Business Development Manager at KindSIGHT

We haven’t had any issues since ONGC have been looking after us, which was just over a year ago. Being a basic user of technology I find It great that the team at ONGC understands that not everyone is I.T. savvy. They explain the issue and fix the problem in “plan” language or is i...

Jan – Practice Manager at Advanced Surgical & Skin Cancer

Thank you for all the effort. It was always going to be a challenge herding our team together. I believe we are on the right track and I am very satisfied with the work so far with ONGC.

Peter Trowbridge, Director – Customer Driven